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Mission Statement:

To protect, nurture, love, and spay/neuter:

Unwanted, abused, injured, and/or homeless animals.


  • To educate the public on animal matters, inhumane practices, and how to help.
  • To promote harmony amongst people by working side by side for the animals’ sake; in particular, the Deaf and hearing cultures, and the chemically imbalanced population.
  • To find companion animals hand-picked homes and to provide a safe haven for those we don’t.
  • To return any animal to their natural habitat when possible. 

In short:  To love animals and bring people together in doing so.



Here are ten steps you can take to find him or her a permanent home:


Anyone trying to help an animal deserves assistance. Even if a rescue organization is full, voice mails stating that fact are missing the rare opportunity to educate you, the public, on steps to take to find an animal a permanent home.


These steps work. IF you work them:

  1. FIRST and foremost, look for the guardian. You would want the same treatment if your animal was lost. Post flyers - picture and story - at vets’ offices, pet stores, and at groomers’ and trainers’ facilities. But always ask first. Remember, a flyer need only consist of a photo, the word “Found”, and your contact phone number. A flyer that’s too busy is often overlooked. Also, no identifying details are necessary. This is information you want to get from any individual who contacts you.
  2. Tell everyone you know, including the mailman. Use your e-mail and Facebook. If you get interest, check out the home first before ever moving the animal. You are now the rescuer. And don’t forget – NO “Free to good home” statements. This is exactly where the bad guys, i.e., fight facilitators, sellers for lab research, look. Plus, by now you have hopefully had the animal spayed or neutered, and the vet has given him or her proper health care, including vaccinations. Every good animal guardian knows they would have had to do this so if it came out of your pocket, there’s your price.
  3. Contact your local spay/neuter clinic or humane society. Often, they have the low-down on people who are looking for a companion animal and are waiting for just who you have found (or has found you!).
  4. Post a picture with the story – not cutesy or blunt – at your veterinarian’s office, AND talk to your vet and the employees at the front desk. Sometimes people looking for a companion animal will leave their name and contact information at the front desk. These are just good people to know anyway.
  5. Post  This organization is trustworthy, reliable, and hugely successful.
  6. Contact specific breed rescue groups. If the dog is a Shepherd mix, search “German Shepherd rescue group.” Do your homework here. Just as in any vocation, there are good and not-so-good organizations. ASK QUESTIONS. Staff should be friendly and open to answering anything regarding the care and treatment of their animals. We don't want the rescued animal going from a bad situation/homeless to a cage for 21-hour days. Then, nothing has been accomplished. Sniff it out! 
  7. If the animal is capable of becoming a working dog (or cat!), take a trip with him or her to several assisted living facilities. Our elders need companionship just like the animal does and sometimes, if permission is granted, the perfect pair is introduced.
  8. and first just look around. They have a department of people who will help you with your search. And they’re in Utah! Wonderful people, and what good works they have accomplished.
  9. Do a second swoop of telling everyone you know via phone and E-mail. Situations change constantly and as time goes by, something may have opened up but the person thought it would be too late to contact you.
  10. While you’re fostering the feline or canine, take good care to be loving, play with the animal, and teach/train/socialize them if possible since this ensures better options for a permanent home. So don’t sit on your laurels. Give a better-than-posted animal to the new human companion. Then, everyone is happy.  

While these are in no way everything you can do, it’s a start. And if you want to save an animal’s life, there is some work involved. But oh, the rewards.

ALWAYS REMEMBER: You are never under obligation to turn over an animal to anyone for whom you have reservations. It’s either a gut feeling or an unacceptable living environment or both. Don’t be embarrassed to say you don’t think this partnering will work, thank them, and walk away.


Thank you for saving the life of an animal!

Rescuing homeless and abused animals since 2003.

News & Events

Here you can learn about our projects and the latest breaking news!

South Koreans visit On The Fifth Day in July, 2012! And what a treat it was to share cultures and our love for animals. Compassion truly knows no boundaries. 

On The Fifth Day is ecstatic over a recent development: A prominent, Houston-based domestic violence shelter has joined with OTFD so that animals of women or families who need help fostering while they recover will be possible. 

"We couldn't be happier over helping our new community in this outreach," said Jen Flatt Osborn - Founder, Director of OTFD.

Find out more about this wonderful organization here. More news/details to come!   

The New Life Harvest Bike-A-Thon was Fun-Fun-Fun! The hot day in May was the perfect weather for OTFD's first event in South Texas! 

New Volunteers and Associates:
We are more-than-pleased to announce the arrival of new volunteers and associates who help OTFD with everything from food donations to dog-walking! 

David Grigsby, a bone-a-fide (couldn't resist) dog-lover, welcomed OTFD to South Texas with his warm manner and gentle spirit. He has been a trusted Volunteer - even on holidays! - with the Galveston County Animal Resource Center, Greyhound rescue, and local shelters for decades. Now, he's a regular around here and we don't know what we did without him!  

Shyanna, who hails from Texas City, Texas, is amazing with the animals. She's also a pro at doing anything she's asked to do. Hmmm....lessons, anyone?  

And it's official! Our new sign has been expertly hung so we had to share. Now if the turtles, snakes and o'possums would not come visiting (we've re-homed all three!), we could stick to domesticates. 

We couldn't be happier about our new online presence.

Our web site has undergone a major makeover!

All our thanks for stopping by.